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Commuter Rail Procurement  

Two proposer teams have been deemed qualified to submit proposals to the released Commuter Rail Request of Proposals (RFP). The Commuter Rail procurement is for the Management, Operation, and Maintenance of the Commuter Rail System. In alphabetical order, they are Keolis Commuter Services, LLC and Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Company, LLC. The two proposer teams are comprised of five leading public transportation companies: Keolis Rail Services America, LLC; SNCF America, Inc.; Veolia Transportation, Inc.; Bombardier Transit Corporation; and Alternate Concepts, Inc. These companies have vast collective experience operating and maintaining passenger trains successfully throughout North America and Europe.

Below are some informational documents related to the procurement: 


January 8, 2014 Update

Following the issuance of its Notice of Award, the MBTA has elected to post the materials below pertaining to its solicitation for the competitive proposals for the operation and maintenance of its commuter rail system (“Commuter Rail Procurement”), given the magnitude of the Commuter Rail Procurement and the public interest in the award decision. The MBTA is dedicated to making its procurement process and decision as transparent as possible, consistent with laws, regulation and policy governing access to public records and the protection of confidential information. As more information becomes available and the circumstances permit, the MBTA will continue to release pertinent records associated with this procurement

August 19, 2015 Update


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January 21, 2014 Update