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Design-Build Services for the MBTA Critical Communications Implementation & P25 Plan for Transit Police – Rail & Bus (CCTRB) Project – Renewed

Project Description

MBTA Contract No. C90CN01

This Project addresses the portion of the expansion and modernization related to the Critical Communications Implementation & P25 Plan for Transit Police – Rail & Bus (CCTRB).

The fundamental Project requirement is to design and upgrade the MBTA’s existing radio system to APCO P25 Phase 2 and build a robust, reliable radio system that will provide effective communications for all MBTA system users within the specified coverage area (i.e., radio above and below ground). The existing EDACS radio will be replaced with an integrated, state-of-the-art wide area Land Mobile Radio-based voice and data network for system-wide use throughout the existing route 128 belt, as well as expanded out to the I-495 areas north, south, and west. The new system will utilize Project 25 Phase 2 trunked technology for voice and data communications. The CAD/AVL system and coverage will remain as existing.

The MBTA maintains a tunnel radio communications system for underground areas of the MBTA system. These underground areas include rail tunnels, underground busways, underground station platforms, mezzanines, walkways, hallways, equipment rooms, and other underground areas patrolled by the MBTA Transit Police. These underground areas present challenges for the transmission of radio signals because of losses through the materials of construction, signal interference, and dead spots in geometrically complex areas, among other factors.

This Project will improve the capacity, range, and efficiency of the tunnel radio communications system. The improved system will provide over 1,200 trunked talkgroups, as well as a signal level of -90 Dbm or better within any vehicle in a tunnel, and will have a coverage probability of 90% at any point in the system. The signal levels and coverage will require extensive testing and verification.

The existing tunnel radio communications system is based around a head end master distribution center located at the MBTA Operations Control Center. The head end master distribution center is the source of transmissions throughout the system, and is connected by continuous cable to bi-directional amplifier sites distributed throughout the underground system. The bi-directional amplifiers boost radio signals for transmission over a local distributed antenna system, allowing for radio signal coverage over the geographical expanse of the MBTA underground system. The tunnel radio system is a trunked system – the channel section process is carried out automatically and channels can be shared by a large number of users without interference.

The Project will also include one or more options, to be exercised by the MBTA in its sole discretion, for the Design Build Entity to provide up to an additional 1,500 mobile radios for the MBTA’s use throughout the system. The MBTA will provide additional detail on the requirements of this option in the RFP.


- L3Harris Technologies, Inc.
- Motorola Solutions, Inc.

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L3Harris Technologies, Inc.


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