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Future Construction Contract Bid Solicitations

The T is constantly working to upgrade facilities to better support riders.

All future and current solicitations are posted to our web site and are constantly updated to reflect the most recent information.  You can find the summary for upcoming solicitations by clicking on a link below.

DescriptionContract NumberAdv. DateType of workEngineer's Estimate

On-Call Track and ROW III (Transit) 

TBD10 / 2019Improvements$25,000,000
Roberts Street BridgeTBD10 / 2019Bridge$10,000,000
Wayfinding Improvements (South Station, Harvard, Back Bay, Malden)TBD10 / 2019Improvements$67,000,000
Wayfinding Stations, Phase BTBD11 / 2019Improvements$35,000,000
Orange Line Tunnel RepairsTBD12 / 2019Repairs$15,000,000
Green Line Track Work Grade Crossing, Phase 2TBD12 / 2019Improvements$25,000,000
Winchester StationTBD12 / 2019Improvements$30,000,000
Court House Station Ground Water MitigationTBD12 / 2019Improvements$16,000,000

On-Call Track and ROW IV 

TBD1 / 2020Improvements$25,000,000

On Call Facilities II

TBD2 / 2020Improvements$10,000,000

Norfolk Ave. Bridge

TBD2 / 2020Improvements$12,000,000

Structures Repairs

TBD4 / 2020Improvements$8,000,000

On Call Parking and Paving II

TBD6 / 2020Improvements$25,000,000

AFC 2.0 Installation Design Build

TBD6 / 2020Improvements$49,000,000

Bus Stop On-Call

TBD6 / 2020Improvements$5,000,000

Wayfinding and Station Improvements (5 Stations)

TBD6 / 2020Improvements$50,000,000

Pawtucket Layover Shelter

TBD6 / 2020Improvements$14,000,000

Station Lighting (N. Sta., Haymarket, State, DTX)

TBD6 / 2020Improvements$20,000,000

Roofing Contract III

TBD6 / 2020Improvements$8,000,000

East Cottage Street Bridge

TBD6 / 2020Improvements$12,000,000
On-Call Track, Ties and Switches IITBD6 / 2020Improvements$20,000,000
Hingham Ferry DockTBD6 / 2020Improvements$14,000,000
West Street BridgeTBD6 / 2020Bridge$15,000,000

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